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Episode 048 with Paul Ross, CEO & Head Trainer at Subtle Words That Sell

December 1, 2020

Paul Ross has been a speaker, author, teacher and trainer for 32 years.  He is an expert master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP and focuses on teaching techniques on how to use the power of language to persuade and get the results you desire.  He is also the author of the book: Subtle Words That Sell where he shares revolutionary concepts and tools to get your prospects to convince themselves to buy. 

Let’s join Paul as he takes a deeper dive into NLP, how to use it in sales and in our daily lives.

In this episode, we talked about:

(02:30) What is NLP?
(07:45) How to do Subconscious Selling?
(13:59) A phrase that you can use to induce a state of compliance
(16:02) What’s the one thing you are actually selling regardless of what industry you’re in?
(17:11) How do I make your clients feel good about their decision to buy 
(18:45) What is the power of using hypnotic language?
(21:25) How to use language to destroy objections
(28:20) How to implement NLP in your everyday living
(34:10) How to eliminate limited self-belief and negative self-talk
(40:26) What do they not teach you in sales training programs
(47:14) The three things you need to balance to achieve success

Here are the links mentioned in this episode:
To read his book, go to
To get in touch with him, email: [email protected]

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