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Episode 085 with Andrew Franklin, Owner/Partner at The Franklin Team

Episode 085 with Andrew Franklin, Owner/Partner at The Franklin Team

September 28, 2021

Although Andrew Franklin’s father had a successful real estate business, he was against the idea that his children would follow in his footsteps. Somehow, he believed that the real estate agent will be eliminated in the future. So Andrew worked in investment banking for 6 years, primarily on mergers and acquisitions.

But real estate runs in their family’s blood and Andrew didn’t just want to be his father’s son.  He wanted to try and grow their business and not screw it up.  This is why, eight years ago, he, his sister, and a third partner decided to buy his father’s real estate business.

Today, Andrew Franklin is the owner/partner at The Franklin Team where he has helped grow the business from having 3 to 4 agents doing up to 600 deals with $150 million in sales, to having 25 agents that will sell 1,800 homes for more than $600 million in sales this year.  They have also successfully created ancillary businesses as part of their growth.

In this episode, we talked about:

04:52 How Andrew and his partners acquired the business from his father
06:50 What sets The Franklin Team apart
07:11 Why Andrew considers builder leads a very warm and predictable listing lead
15:30 Why it’s okay to rip off and duplicate business models in real estate 
16:42 How The Franklin Team took out 99.99% of their competitors
24:55 What made them decide to start their own title company 
26:54 Why they moved from REMAX to eXp 
29:26 Where's Andrew thinks the industry is going over the next 3-5 years 
32:23 The great thing about having ancillary businesses in real estate
32:49 Why Andrew thinks the real estate agent will continue to be around in some form or fashion in the future
34:13 The most important investment we can make.
37:23 Why Andrew’s father changed his mindset about coaching
43:41  Andrew’s one piece of advice for those who are striving to grow?

Here are ways to get in touch with Andrew:
Phone: 281-248-8520 ext 107
Email: [email protected]


Episode 084 with Doug Gieck, Vice President of Production at 8z Real Estate

Episode 084 with Doug Gieck, Vice President of Production at 8z Real Estate

September 21, 2021

Doug Gieck was managing ice cream shops when he got headhunted as a client care coordinator for a referral business under the REMAX Alliance brokerage.  He didn’t know anything about real estate then but he was able to learn his way around by making appointments for real estate agents.

In 2009, the company Doug worked for started their own brokerage, 8z Real Estate.  Here, he started as the manager of the client care team.  Then he worked his way up each year until he became in charge of running operations for the brokerage.

Today, Doug Gieck is the Vice President of Production at 8z Real Estate. From having 30 agents, they have now grown to about 165 agents.  They achieved $1.4 billion in volume doing 2,700 transactions last year.  Their goal is to up those numbers to $1.75 billion with 3,000 transactions this year.  

In this episode, we talked about:

06:22 What is 8z’s big, hairy, audacious goal (BHAG)?
09:44 Doug’s advice to those building an ISA team
13:14 The most successful lead source
17:10 How to get your team to produce $1B in volume
23:27 What Doug thinks about running gamification in their business
24:03 How giving your agents recognition goes a long way
26:15 How to motivate agents and hold them accountable
29:15 8z’s core purpose
33:22 Why 8z signed up with Sisu
35:30 The true purpose of going into ancillary businesses
40:27 Doug’s one piece of advice in terms of innovation and automation
42:38 What Doug does daily to stay ahead of the curve
44:28 How having a calendar sets you free

To get in touch with Doug Gieck, check the links below:



Episode 083 with Chris Craddock, Founder & CEO of The Redux Group

Episode 083 with Chris Craddock, Founder & CEO of The Redux Group

September 14, 2021

When Chris Craddock graduated college in 2000, he worked as a staff for a Christian ministry where he earned $20,000 a year.  After 3 years, his wife got pregnant and he knew he needed to earn more. This was when he looked into real estate investing and got the idea of talking to people who were in distress and offered to buy their houses. In the next four months, he ended up making 12 times as much as he did in a year doing his previous job.

Inspired by Gary Keller’s book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Chris decided to build his own team in 2014.  In 2020, Chris’s team made 501 transactions, both on and off-market, for $167 million in sales volume. He has also expanded to several ancillary businesses including home insurance, title, and mortgage. 

Today, Chris Craddock is the Founder and CEO of The Redux Group. He is a nationally certified Life Coach with a Doctorate in Leadership and is the driving force behind REI Revive which is an advanced online training that teaches how to turn dead leads into cash. He is also the host of the Uncommon Real Estate Podcast and entrepreneur who runs multiple successful businesses in the Washington DC Metro area (and Richmond, VA).

In this episode, we talked about:

03:59 The key to being a great leader
04:44 A great resource for anyone looking to recruit great people.
08:23 How Chris started his career in real estate
14:44 What Chris thinks of having a home insurance business
24:35 Why Chris got into coaching
25:18 A really good ancillary business that I think a lot of people miss
31:25 The problem with entrepreneurs
34:39 What was the idea behind the Uncommon Real Estate podcast?
35:23 Why every real estate agent needs to be an investor
36:58 What is Chris’ morning routine 
38:49 Why we need to become corporate athletes

To get in touch with Chris Craddock, check the links below:

Instagram: Chris Craddock @craddrock
Facebook: Uncommon Real Estate Podcast
REI Revive:

Episode 082 with Tamir Poleg,  CEO at The Real Brokerage Inc

Episode 082 with Tamir Poleg, CEO at The Real Brokerage Inc

September 7, 2021

Tamir Poleg started in the real estate industry as a construction worker 16 years ago. This experience allowed him to learn homes and construction from a fundamental level.  After earning a degree in economics, he joined the tech world with a couple of start-up companies doing mainly sales positions in Europe.

In 2006, Tamir started his own real estate company in Houston, Texas. When the market tanked in 2007 - 2008, he saw the opportunity to invest in real estate and grew his portfolio, property management company, and construction company. Despite the odds, it turned out to be a good decision, and he ended up selling that company in 2013. A  year later, he started Real, a technology-powered real estate brokerage, and this is where he’s been devoting his life to ever since.

Today, Tamir Poleg is the CEO at The Real Brokerage Inc. The company recently rang the bell at Nasdaq and is currently on a mission to make agents' lives better, creating financial opportunities for agents through better commission splits, best-in-class technology, revenue sharing, and equity incentives.

In this episode, we talked about:

03:36 Why Tamir decided to go into the real estate world?
07:22 How COVID gave way to in opening up the industry virtually
08:56 Why Tamir chose New York to start his own company
10:30 What was the vision for Real when they first started it?
15:13 When did the idea of building wealth through Real come about?
19:47 What sets Real apart from a traditional brokerage?
20:11 Why are agents attracted to Real? 
22:49 How revenue sharing works at Real
24:16 What is the tech platform that Real uses?
25:11 The four main pillars of technology
30:15 Tamir’s most crucial piece of advice


Episode 081 with Rivers Pearce, CEO & Co-Founder of W8less

Episode 081 with Rivers Pearce, CEO & Co-Founder of W8less

August 31, 2021

In 2005, Rivers Pearce started doing e-commerce and lead generation for an ad agency in Atlanta and then moved to Charleston and South Carolina.  Five years later, a real estate technology startup called BoomTown was looking for someone who can do search engine marketing and Rivers joined them as their 10th employee.

For almost a decade, Rivers helped grow BoomTown’s client base from 70 to well over 3000 clients by serving as their Director of Client Success, Director of Digital Marketing & Strategy.

With his vast experience working with operations and team/brokerage structures as well as the various technology, marketing, advertising, and operational components that support all of that, Rivers is considered a veteran in the real estate technology space.

Today, Rivers is the CEO & Co-Founder of W8less, a real estate and property technology consultancy that is focused on making people's processes better and ultimately creating an infrastructure to support their business’ success.

In this episode we talked about:

00:57 How Rivers came up with the weightless concept?
04:20 What does that mean to be “weightless”?
09:45 How Sisu’s way of automating processes helped operational efficiency for teams and brokerages
18:39 The key difference between Sisu and other transaction management platforms
20:24 What Rivers thinks anyone managing a real estate business should know
20:56 The value of looking outside the industry for your competitors
25:15 Why you should work with companies that can help you navigate the technology aspects of your business
26:23 What advice Rivers has for business owners moving forward


Episode 080 with Steve de Laveaga, Founder & CEO at  Real Intelligent Sales Engagement (R.I.S.E.)

Episode 080 with Steve de Laveaga, Founder & CEO at Real Intelligent Sales Engagement (R.I.S.E.)

August 26, 2021

Growing up, Steve de Laveaga loved playing basketball. As a high school senior, he attended basketball camps at Cal Lutheran. Due to his athletic talent, he was offered a full academic scholarship and decided to take up Communications.

Through this course, he discovered that the key to creating great influence and wealth in any field is the ability to communicate your vision and passion to your network. As as he got older, he has made it his mission to make people’s lives better through his positive influence.

For almost a decade, Steve was the SVP and National Sales Manager for Fidelity National Title Group, encompassing multiple Divisions and overseeing 3,100 Sales Executives, and assisting over 200 sales managers across the US. Here, he assisted their partners and stakeholders in growing their business and bringing value to real estate companies.

Today, Steve is the Founder and CEO at Real Intelligent Sales Engagement (R.I.S.E.). Their main goal is to be the best business-to-business facilitator with clients and prospects in the real estate space.  They also work with top producing teams and focus on helping agents develop into “sales savants” and be in their company’s top 10%.

Top Takeaways:

03:06 Why Steve has chosen to work with elite teams
09:54 How Steve came up with R.I.S.E 
11:23 The 3 key things a team must have to achieve more closings
12:54 The value of follow-up
14:23 Why more agents don’t always mean more closings 
15:42 Why you need to be accountable to the process and business of real estate
21:34 Where Steve sees the real estate industry ending up in the next 3-5 years
23:27 What Zillow and Open Door haven't figured out yet
24:28 What will happen if Google or Facebook goes into real estate? 
27:11 Why you need to watch out for Keller Williams
36:38 What Steve loves about Sisu dashboards
42:38 Steve’s vision for consumer experience
46:08 What is Steve’s most important piece of advice?

To get a hold of Steve, you may visit

Episode 079 with Michael LaFido, Founder & CEO at Luxury Listing Specialist Designation(LUXE)

Episode 079 with Michael LaFido, Founder & CEO at Luxury Listing Specialist Designation(LUXE)

August 17, 2021

Upon getting his real estate license in 2000, Michael LaFido worked as a part-time agent and full-time high school health and physical education teacher. But with a growing family, he felt he was spreading himself too thin.  So in 2010, he decided to go into real estate full time.

Several years later, Michael did some real estate coaching and consulting where he developed a product called “The Ultimate Listing Blueprint”.  This product led him to meet a gentleman who coaches top luxury agents who are having difficulty competing in their marketplace.

He found that most agents who deal with luxury properties think that the only way they’d be able to compete is if they become one of the cheaper agents in their market - which he doesn’t agree with.  This was when he made the shift to luxury listings on his home selling side and his coaching/consulting side as well. 

Today, Michael is the Founder & CEO at Luxury Listing Specialist Designation(LUXE) where he helps brokers and agents improve their luxury marketing strategies to help sell more luxury homes. His methods are considered “The New Standard” for marketing luxury homes today.

Key Takeaways:
05:20 The 3 things agents can do to make more money
07:28 What is a luxury listing?
09:22 The 4 primary price points in most markets
10:20 How to make the switch to luxury listings?
21:25 What trends does Michael see in marketing versus what everyone else does?
21:46 What does “fresh eyes analysis” mean?
25:56 Michael’s vision for the market
30:29  What’s the best method of learning for Michael
36:01  How to have a great year for your business
37:18  Michael’s most important piece of advice

To get a hold of Michael LaFido, you may email him at [email protected]
You may also check his social media pages:


Episode 078 with Robert Lucido, Director of Business Development for Lucido Global

Episode 078 with Robert Lucido, Director of Business Development for Lucido Global

August 10, 2021

Baseball has always been Robert Lucido’s dream and passion. At the age of 5, he dreamed of joining the big leagues. He played through high school, became an all-academic athlete in college, and played professionally for the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers.  

He was often the smallest guy on the team. But what he lacked in height, he made up for in hard work.  As an athlete, he always believed in setting goals and making progress in achieving those goals. He brought the same passion and grit when he transitioned into the real estate world in 2018.

Today, Robert is the Director of Business Development for Lucido Global. He drives corporate strategy and innovation, intending to create an economic moat, scale, and efficiency across the Lucido companies. 

In this episode, we talked about how the adversities he faced in his baseball career helped shape his character and what you can do to keep creating opportunities in your life and your career.

Key Takeaways:

03:18 How Robert started his baseball career

07:12 The importance of proper timing

11:31 What made Robert decide to leave baseball

16:10 The book that helped Robert get out of rock-bottom

20:09 The changes that Robert sees in the market

25:04 What are “forest agents”?

27:33 Who is the future of real estate: Teams or solo agents?

32:33 The key technologies people need to have in their real estate business

32:50 The value of time

34:02 How leveraging technology can affect your ROI

36:54 What does Lucido Global’s latest acquisition mean for their business

38:06 What benefits do team owners get when they join Lucido Global?

42:00 Robert’s most important piece of advice

To get a hold of Robert, you may email him at [email protected]

Episode 077 with Brad Sugars, CEO & Founder of ActionCOACH

Episode 077 with Brad Sugars, CEO & Founder of ActionCOACH

July 27, 2021

Brad Sugars has been in business since he was 15 years old. He has bought, sold, or started more than 50 companies. Throughout his 3-decade career as an entrepreneur, he has become a strong advocate for building a business that works without you.

Today, Brad Sugars owns 9 companies and is the CEO & Founder of the largest business coaching company in the world, ActionCOACH.  He is also a bestselling author, keynote speaker, and the #1 business coach in the world.

In this episode, we talked about the 5 Core Disciplines of Exponential Growth in Your Business and how his systematic approach to business has allowed him to spend more time doing what really matters to him.

Key Takeaways:

02:32 Brad’s goal as an educator
03:43 What the 30X Business Training is all about
06:29 Why Brad thinks that “hustle and grind” is the new stupid
07:19 The 5 Core Disciplines of Exponential Growth for Your Business
09:16 Why ActionCOACH and Sisu get along so well
12:43 A CEO’s number 1 job
14:41 The 4 complex areas of a business strategy
14:46 Brad’s definition of leverage
20:35 How important are ratings and rankings
21:54 How many times should you be posting on social media today?
24:52 Brad’s advice for people who run large team brokerages but struggle to recruit within their organization
28:11 Why people leave their jobs 
29:47 The one thing Brad keeps coming back to when it comes to sales

To know more about Brad Sugars, go to or visit
To check out Brad’s latest book, Pulling Profits out of a Hat, go to:

Episode 076 with Kevin Flaherty, Real Estate Broker @ eXp Realty

Episode 076 with Kevin Flaherty, Real Estate Broker @ eXp Realty

July 20, 2021

Kevin Flaherty has been in the real estate business for 33 years.  He was a solo agent for a very long time and used to build custom web pages for homes in the ’90s.  When MLS listings went online, he was already ahead of the curve.  He thought of ways to further improve web pages by adding plans and videos with narration.

He then ran a team under iPro Realty Ltd. Brokerage for the past 11 years where he was the overall number one top producer for 10 straight years.  Here, he offered cutting-edge real estate marketing to help sell homes. 

Today, Kevin Flaherty is a Real Estate Broker at eXp Realty where he continues to provide clients his decades of experience, advanced marketing technologies, and direct exposure to thousands of successful real estate transactions. 

In this episode, we discussed his high-end marketing model, his views on what the ideal real estate team structure should look like, and all the things he loves about Sisu.

Top Takeaways:

02:17 How does Video-narrated 3D animated online showing work?
11:34 What motivated Kevin to make the move to eXp Realty
15:13 One of the biggest misconceptions about eXp
18:26 How Kevin structured his team
22:35 How to get agents to do the activities they should be doing
23:59 How technology makes the hiring process more efficient
28:37 How does a team owner get their agents to focus on selling real estate
31:12 Kevin’s advice on how to get an ISA team up and functioning successfully
34:01 Why Kevin highly recommends Sisu
35:02 What every top producer should know
35:43 The enormous mistake that led him to find Sisu
38:18 What Kevin loves about Sisu

To get in touch with Kevin Flaherty, go to You can also email him at [email protected] or call 226-916-0595.

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