GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset

Episode 063 with Eric Forney, Broker/Owner at The Forney Group

March 30, 2021

Eric used to be a full-time paint salesman where he also created customized paint colors for homes.  This inspired him to venture into selling homes until he decided to upgrade his career into real estate in 2015.  A year later, he was named as the #1 Selling Agent in the Ohio Valley Region.  His team was also recognized as the #1 Selling KW Team in Indiana from 2017 to 2020.

Since his career trajectory was pretty fast as an individual and as a team, Eric saw the need for an efficient program to train new agents to backfill his business.  One of the things he found most success in was taking in new agents without experience and teaching them how to be successful in real estate and to be effective in the first 12 months.

In this episode, we talked about:

(02:56)  Why there is a need to train agents to become leaders
(05:04)  How does the FIRE immersion program work
(05:20)  The value of providing your agents a clear blueprint for success 
(08:31) How to keep your agents motivated
(11:06) Why Eric prefers to train agents through problem solving activities  
(13:32) How SISU helped make meetings more meaningful and productive
(15:32) Why you need to be clear on who you want to be in business with
(16:52) The difference between value and price
(17:23) The type of agent who are best suited for the immersion program
(20:05) How third party recruiting companies work in the real estate industry
(22:56) Best source of recruiting leads 
(24:57) How SISU helps simplify the real estate business


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