GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset

Episode 053 with Shoshana Socher, Owner/Founder of the Socher Team

January 19, 2021

Shoshana Socher used to be a stay at home mom until her family went through bankruptcy in 2005.  This motivated her to find ways to put money into their lives which is why she decided to get a license and start her career in real estate.  Five years later, her son, Cody became her business partner and grew the Socher Team from there. 

Currently, the Socher Team is made up of 6 real estate agents and last year, they brought in $42.5M in sales with 166 transactions, marking 2020 as their most productive year to date. They attribute their growth and success mostly to having systems in place such as SISU and by doing activities that encourage agents to produce more.

In this episode, Shoshana Socher, the Operations Manager of Socher Team, Alex Ryb, and I talked about:

(05:28) How the team produced at a higher level despite having the same number of agents from the previous year
(09:01) Managing numbers vs. managing emotions
(11:26) How working with spreadsheets compare to having SISU?
(15:02) How morning meetings can shift your business
(17:25) How to motivate agents through 1 on 1 meetings
(19:28) The advantage of having an in-house Marketing person
(22:26) The importance of market updates
(25:50) What is Concierge Level Services?
(27:54) What technology does The Socher Team use in their business?
(31:23) The one thing that sets The Socher Team apart



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