GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset
Episode 045 with Stacy Bahrenfuss, Founder & CEO of Catalyst Group

Episode 045 with Stacy Bahrenfuss, Founder & CEO of Catalyst Group

November 10, 2020

At the age of 19, Stacy started her real estate company, Catalyst Group.  From then on, she continued to scale her business beyond the 7-figure mark to become one of the top performing real estate teams in the state of Idaho.

Stacy’s vast experience led her to create her own premier consulting program where she uses the “Inside Out Success Method” which aims to guide female change makers all over the world to discover inner freedom and fulfillment.

Let’s join Stacy as we take a deep dive on how the Inside Out Success Method works, and how it could help build a vision of a better life moving forward. 

In this episode, we talked about:

(01:56) What is Stacy’s ultimate goal for her program?
(06:56) What is the Inside Out Success Method?
(08:53) How to integrate the Limitless Mindset Success Method into our business
(12:02) How do we eliminate fear and go into the abundance mindset?
(21:42) Where does the deep fulfillment come from?
(22:15) The importance of having a “deep why”?
(24:30) How can we not allow fear to limit us?
(26:31) How do we train our subconscious to believe that we are capable of achieving greater things?
(31:09) What is the Triple Threat System?
(32:00) How to do conscious breathing?
(37:10) The value of having a daily routine
(44:20) Stacy’s most important piece of advice

Episode 044 with Jeff Cohn, Owner of kwELITE

Episode 044 with Jeff Cohn, Owner of kwELITE

November 3, 2020

Jeff began his career in real estate in 2006. Since then, Jeff and his team has closed over 5,000 in sales, totaling over $1 billion in volume.  As founder of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, he led his team from 70 to 700 transactions in 6 just years.  In 2019, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services awarded him the #1 team in unit sales in the world.

Today, Jeff is the CEO of a tech-powered Keller Williams market center in Omaha, NE.  His objective is to offer the consumer a one-stop-shop customized experience that will provide access to the agent and all ancillary businesses, virtually and in-person.

Let’s join Jeff as he talks about his vision of 2021, what he is most excited about and his new tech-powered hybrid office of the future.

In this episode, we talked about:

(01:52) Why Jeff moved from Berkshire Hathaway to KW Elite 
(05:00) What’s the one thing that everyone should be focusing on for the next five years that’ll help their business for the good?
(05:41) How to strategically market properties virtually to keep your clients safe
(09:26) What should be the agent’s role in the future?
(09:55) Why should agents be worried if their roles are replaced with digital technology?
(10.30) What does a 100% virtual transaction look like?
(12:06) What is the 6-Degree of Freedom Tech? 
(17:27) What strategies did Jeff implement to scale his business?
(21:41) How can agents ensure that they stay in business for the next 2 years?

Episode 043 with Tom Ferry, Founder and CEO of Ferry International

Episode 043 with Tom Ferry, Founder and CEO of Ferry International

October 21, 2020

Tom Ferry is the founder and CEO of Ferry International, the real estate industry’s leading coaching and training company, He is also the #1 ranked Real Estate Educator by Swanepoel Power 200, best-selling author, a highly sought-after and renowned speaker. He is often referred to as the “Gary Vee” of real estate.

Let’s join Tom as he shares his insights on the most critical metrics and mindsets that will take you to your 2021.

In this episode, we talked about:
(2:06) What is the one thing successful leaders have in common? 
(2:55) What is the mindset of the best people right now?
(3:32) What will happen to real estate once the market normalizes in 2022?
(5:21) Why your goals need to be big and sexy
(8:05) Why you need to manage your business in line with the 3 goals most important to you
(8:53) Why you should be making data-driven decisions moving forward
(10:33) Why Tom Ferry loves SISU
(19:00) Why the next 15 months is crucial
(22:34) What are the things that make up your mindset
(27:52) The things you can do to position yourself to help your clients win
(32:08) Why appointment-setting competitions always work
(35:13) The importance of having 90 minutes a day devoted to educating yourself


Episode 042 with Frank Klesitz, CEO & Co-Founder of Vyral Marketing

Episode 042 with Frank Klesitz, CEO & Co-Founder of Vyral Marketing

October 13, 2020

Frank Klesitz started Vyral Marketing about 11 years ago.  Since then, Vyral Marketing has helped hundreds of professional clients (mostly from real estate) generate leads and get in touch with their existing database, through education-based video marketing.

Frank always keeps himself updated when it comes to the real estate industry.  So if anyone wants to know what is happening in real estate and where it's headed to, he would surely make a great resource person. In fact, he is one of the few guests on the show that we’ve had the honor to interview twice.  This goes to show the value he can provide for our listeners especially in these challenging times.

Let’s join Frank as he shares his insights on the current status of the real estate industry, what the future looks like and the importance of having an effective marketing strategy.

In this episode, we talked about:
(1:49) What is going on in the real estate industry?
(2:45) What does recovery look like for the real estate market?
(5:08) What will the next 6 months look like?
(5:36) 2 Big changes - Opendoor financing
(7:41) What Frank thinks about Zillow having their own brokerage
(15:13) What is the biggest disruptor in the real estate industry?
(17:52) Why Frank believes that the money is NEVER in doing what you do
(21:32) Two effective ways to get a Listing
(24:50) Things to do to build your database
(27:52) How do you win a listing with marketing?
(32:08) How do I get business to my database
(35:13) Why you need to double down on Matterport and virtual tours
(35:52) What Frank thinks of the “giving all the options to the seller” trend? 
(45:36) What is Frank’s one piece of advice for anyone in the Real Estate business 

Episode 041 with Aaron Novello, Realtor & Real Estate Coach at

Episode 041 with Aaron Novello, Realtor & Real Estate Coach at

October 6, 2020

Aaron Novallo started his career in Real Estate 14 years ago. He decided to take a deep dive into one slice of the business which is listing properties in high volume.  He has done this consistently for 8 years in a row. He has listed up to 140 properties by himself, one at a time, which makes him a certified rock-star listing agent.

Aaron recognizes that he owes this success to having the right skills and hard work.  Today,  he coaches around 70 agents to help them step up their game and create success in their own business.

Let’s join Aaron as he shares why he believes that money is a by-product of excellence and what advice he can give to anyone who is getting into the real estate business.

In this episode, we talked about:

(02:08) How does Aaron list 12 homes a month?

(12:10) The 2 things Real Estate agents sell

(15:25) How important is pre-qualification?

(24:00) The value of being early to all your appointments

(25:31) How to include “assumptive closings” in your conversations with a client

(30:18) Why confidence is everything

(31:56) How to build trust through repetition

(33:00) How often does Aaron role-play?

(34:20) Why you should always be “sharpening the knife”

(39:27) How Aaron got started with his coaching company

(43:20) What’s the one piece of advice Aaron has for a new agent getting into the Real Estate business.

Episode 040 with Jim Fischetti, Owner of Jim Fischetti LLC and President at Coach with Jim

Episode 040 with Jim Fischetti, Owner of Jim Fischetti LLC and President at Coach with Jim

September 29, 2020

Jim started his career in real estate back in the 80’s. He was successful in it but eventually he found himself wanting to do more. He went on from owning several real estate firms to building teams of driven sales professionals.  But it was his passion in helping people become the best version of themselves that led him to become a coach who is committed to transforming leaders who want to do the same.

Today, Jim is a national speaker, best-selling author, coach and consultant. His book VISION TO RESULTS: Leadership in Action belongs to the Forbes List of Best Leadership Books of 2019.  In this book, he teaches how to create an actionable vision for your organization that brings everyone’s role into sharp focus.

Let’s join Jim as he shares his thoughts on why he believes in “data not drama” and how he thinks the world will get better through leadership. 

In this episode, we talked about:

(02:23) What Jim is most passionate about today
(06:27) Why you need to have technology to support the systems you placed in your business
(08:59) What should be the most important asset in your business
(12:42) How to divide your time for working in and on your business 
(14:18) Why you need to set a “thinking time” for yourself
(23:29) Why it is important to track results on a daily and weekly basis
(25:33) Why the activity for every “no” is just as important as the activity for a “yes”
(27:14) What is the advantage of daily tracking?
(32:34) Jim’s biggest piece of advice 
(37:16) How important is having a successful family life to having a successful business life?


Episode 039 with Peter Schravemade, Business Development Manager at BoxBrownie

Episode 039 with Peter Schravemade, Business Development Manager at BoxBrownie

September 22, 2020

Peter Schravemade used to be the operations manager for a hotel franchise, but he soon found himself spending not enough time at home so he decided to leave. When he saw an ad looking for a personal assistant for BoxBrownie, he went for it. At that time, BoxBrownie didn’t have any idea the direction they were headed to and they weren't making much profit yet.  But six months after Peter joined the company, they have become financially viable.

Four and half years later, BoxBrownie has become the fastest growing property technology marketing platform in the world. Currently in 69 paying countries and growing by 2500 new clients each month, continues to spread around the globe with the aim to solve the problem of poor property marketing everywhere.

Let’s join Peter as he shares his knowledge and expertise on how enhancing your images can help you improve the way you market your properties.

In this episode, we talked about:

(5:28) What is BoxBrownie
(7:51) When is the best application to take advantage of BoxBrownie’s technology
(8:29) What are the 5 things the purchaser wants to see
(14:51) How to determine if a property’s image is professional
(16:46) How to Ieverage BoxBrownie products to make sure my quality is best in its class
(18:18) Why do you need a twilight shot of your property’s exterior
(21:28) What to do if you are a poor copywriter
(24:36) Why MLS listings need to have floor plans
(29:20) The value of having a 360° camera for your virtual tours
(35:06) The reward of delivering the 5 things a purchaser wants to see in each of your listings
(36:50) Why BoxBrownie does not charge for subscription

Important links mentioned in the podcast:
Health check:
Contact Peter: [email protected]

Episode 038 with Randy Carroll, Channel Manager at Chime Technologies

Episode 038 with Randy Carroll, Channel Manager at Chime Technologies

September 15, 2020

If there were people who could show what it’s like to achieve success through determination and grit, Randy Carroll would be one of them.  While in college, Randy worked as a radio station manager, was the sports editor of their school paper and became the president of their student body as well. He graduated cum laude in 2014 with a degree in Broadcast and Electronic Media. With just one day of rest after graduation, he was off to his first job for a staffing company.

Eight months later, he met the then president of CINC, Jason Hoback, who convinced him that he belonged in sales.  And for the next 5 years, he worked at CINC as their National Manager and Director of Strategic accounts.  Today, Randy serves as the Strategic Partner and Channel Manager for ChimeTechnologies Inc.

Join us as Randy shares his journey from being an impressionable student to working for what he considers to be one of the real estate industry’s best kept secrets.

In this episode, we talk about:

(4:59) What is it about the competitive nature of sports?
(6:23) How does having a winning mindset impact your career?
(8:12) Why the term “start-up” shouldn’t be limited to small tech companies start-ups
(9:55) How Randy came to CINC
(14:00) What you need to do to rise to the top
(21:59) What prompted Randy to go to CHIME 
(25:52) What is CHIME?
(28:50) A product from CHIME that Randy is really proud of
(30:12) What’s one of the biggest pain points for Realtors

Episode 037 with Scott Sillari, Head of Sales & Marketing at Real Synch

Episode 037 with Scott Sillari, Head of Sales & Marketing at Real Synch

September 9, 2020

Scott Sillari has been in the Real Estate Business for a long time.  He is a licensed real estate agent and used to be a certified appraiser as well.  He worked at Vyral Marketing for 7 years as the Director of Business Development.

Today, Scott is the Head of Sales & Marketing for Real Synch.  Real Synch is a task automation platform designed for Residential Real Estate Professionals using the smart “SynchBot” technology.

Join us as Scott shares how tech and automation can fit into the real estate business and how it can make teams more productive to create more revenue.

In this episode, we talk about:

(04:35) What are the most important things that people must be doing to grow their business in today’s environment?
(13:12) How real estate agents can grow beyond being a great salesperson and take it to the next level?
(16:35) What are the key technologies that people are doing to leverage their business?
(17:55) The importance of creating a workflow of your systems so they become efficient
(23:52) What are the new integrations that Real Synch is working on?
(27:59) Why Real Synch is not Zapier and so much more

Episode 036 with Kenny Klaus, Founder of CLME & Branch Manager at Keller Williams Integrity First

Episode 036 with Kenny Klaus, Founder of CLME & Branch Manager at Keller Williams Integrity First

September 1, 2020

A nationally-recognized expert in local real estate, Kenny Klaus has dedicated himself to serving the East Valley community since 1999. He also specializes in HUD homes, Short Sales/REOs, as well as New Build and Traditional transactions. Kenny is a Certified Residential Specialist, a Certified Distressed Property Specialist, and an Accredited Buyer Representative.

Known as “The FedEx Guy” for 13 years, his understanding of the efficiency of having your own route made him a firm advocate of Geographic Farming. Currently, he serves as the Lead Listing Specialist to the Kenny Klaus Team and provides its strategic direction at the same time. 

Join us as Kenny shares why he is a firm believer of going small to go big and what his thoughts are on having what it takes to build a successful team.

In this episode, we talk about:

(05:11) How big should the area be for geographic farming?

(08:23) What software does Kenny recommend for farming?

(10:06) What are the most important activities to make sure you have marketing success?

(20:14) The one thing  Kenny loves about Farming

(22:09) What’s the most important thing in building a successful team

(28:07) Kenny’s resources for growth

(35:02) Why being “well-rounded” is a must to achieve success in this business.

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