GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset

Episode 071 with Matt Mick, Team Lead at Lincoln Select Real Estate Group - Nebraska Realty

June 15, 2021

Matt Mick started his own real estate team with 5 to 6 agents. However, year after year, they noticed that their sales slowed down, with only minor growth. In order to go to the next phase of their business, they knew they needed a better way to manage things in their team.  That’s when they decided to jump on with Sisu.

Today, Matt is the Team Lead at Lincoln Select Real Estate Group - Nebraska Realty.  From doing 130 transactions a year, they are now aiming for 500 this year.  And after finishing with $50M two years ago, their closings and under contracts are currently at $60M with 6 more months to go before this year ends.

In this episode, we talked about:

(03:10) What Matt’s business looked like before they had SISU
(04:44) What to love about having systems
(06:00) The key to doing more transactions without having to hire more agents
(06:44) The difference between hiring experienced agents vs. new agents
(07:20) What are some misconceptions about teams
(07:50) How important is transparency when it comes to commission splits with agents
(14:22) How to deal with ISAs who want to transition into the agent role
(18:00) Why do some team owners/leads prefer to select which agents get certain lead types
(18:42) What does an agent have to do to get into the lead rotation 
(26:03) What are the 3-5 things that you absolutely must do to succeed as a new team owner
(32:23) One of the biggest challenges that a leader must face
(34:47) Why we must always keep learning 

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