GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset

Episode 065 with David Anderson, CEO of LionDesk

April 13, 2021

David Anderson was born into a family of entrepreneurs. He first worked for their family-owned online travel business but after 13 years, he felt that he needed to do something different. That’s when he decided to start his own company.  He went to an INMAN event which sparked his interest in the real estate industry.  Then he went to different brokerages to see how they managed the business and found that the CRM they used at that time could use a lot of improvement. And being the entrepreneur that he is, he knew he could make it better.  

Today, David is the Founder and CEO of LionDesk, a CRM designed for ease of use and systems integration that allows just one log-in for all business tools. It has been the CRM platform of choice for over 165,000 real estate and mortgage professionals.

Recently, David was also included in the 2021 Swanepoel Power 200 (SP200) report for the third consecutive year and continues to be part of an elite group of industry professionals who are recognized for their influence and leadership.   
In this episode, we talked about:

06:44  The difference of LionDesk from the other CRM platforms in the industry
10:43  The importance of video texting
12:40  Who will benefit the most from LionDesk’s products
14:14  What a Good CRM should do
14:55  Which tech companies are integrated into LionDesk’s platform
17:02  What drove David to leave a place of security and venture into building his own business
20:20  What failure truly means
21:40 The challenges that Liondesk faces today
22:40 Why you need to hire the best person possible who could fire you from your own job
25:30 What excites David the most about real estate
28:41 What David sees as the biggest change in the industry for the next couple of years
34:26 Things you can do to keep waking up happy/motivated
39:05  David’s advice to those who are planning to build a business

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