GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset

Episode 061 with Peter Chabris, Team Leader of The Chabris Group

March 16, 2021

Peter Chabris has been a licensed real estate agent since 2002. Six year later, he started The Chabris Group and since 2013, it has become Cincinnati's top sales team. The Chabris Group was also hailed as the top KW sales team in the Tri-State since 2015, and one of the top 100 sales teams at Keller Williams worldwide  since 2019. 

Peter is a KW Mastery business coach for Keller Williams Realtors and Master Faculty for Keller Williams University as well. His specialties are systemizing customer experience, scaling business, sales skills mastery, and living an intentional life.

In this episode, we talked about:

(03:03) How did Peter’s team bridge the gap from 350 to 450 transactions last year
(04:35) What was their “big switch”?
(06:03) The importance of communication to the success of the team
(06:52) What are the key items to having the trajectory of growth continue through 2021 
(07:25) Teams vs. Brokerages
(09:29) What convinced them to bring in ISAs to the team
(10:37) The ISA model that works best for Peter’s team 
(15:16) How to get an agent transition into the role of an ISA
(17:07) Who should be the first person you hire
(18:02) The value of knowing your numbers
(20:07) How to Compensate Your Inside Sales Agent
(21:51) How do agent-ISA splits work
(26:12) The key to get to the next level

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