GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset

Episode 059 with Kevin Kauffman, Realtor/Owner of Group 46:10 Network

March 2, 2021

Kevin Kauffman started his real estate career in 2007 - right when the market was starting to crash.  Despite his family and friend’s objections, he believed that this was an opportunity for him so he chose to follow his instincts.  Though his experience has been rough, he gained the confidence and drive to succeed against the odds.

Today, Kevin is a realtor and the owner of the Group 46:10 Real Estate Network at eXp Realty which has expanded into 5 markets in 2018. Group 46:10 has been consistently named as one of “The Thousand” A-list of the top producing real estate agents and teams in the country.  Kevin is also the host of the Kevin and Fred Show podcast (formerly known as Next Level Agents podcast).
In this episode, we talked about:

(06:31) What got Kevin interested in doing podcasts?
(08:36) What is the MOO method?
(09:12) The benefits of podcasting
(11:14) What’s the deal with Clubhouse?
(14:59) How creating your own media and content can be a powerful tool for your business
(16:06) The value of having the right relationships
(18:00) When to NOT take advantage of some social media platforms
(19:02) What Zillow’s buying of Showtime could mean to the real estate industry
(24:58) The importance of adapting to disruptors
(25:32) Kevin’s insight on Gary Keller’s response to competition
(39:40) Where is the industry headed to?
(41:21) Why there will be fewer real estate agents in the future
(42:36) Kevin’s advice to new agents


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