GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset

Episode 058 with Eric Lowry, CEO/Team Leader of The Lowry Team at eXp Realty

February 23, 2021

Eric Lowry started his real estate career in 1998 as a solo agent. As years passed, he has become “blissfully dissatisfied” in the path he has chosen and often found himself wanting to do more.  He wanted to not just have a job, he wanted to build a business for himself. So in 2005, he decided to build his own real estate team.

Today, Eric is the Team Leader and CEO of The Lowry Team at eXp Realty in Cincinnati. His team has built a reputation based on honest and professional real estate service. He is now considered as an industry veteran who has earned multiple awards due to his commitment to providing personal service combined with cutting edge technology to help clients every step of the way.

In this episode, we talked about:

(03:55) The 5 elements that help power an agent’s success
(06:00) How their team’s high-level custom agent training sets them apart from other brokerages.
(09:16) What technology to use to keep track of a trainee’s progress
(10:38) How Eric does his one-on-one coaching and how he makes it scalable 
(11:41) SISU’s role in identifying agents strengths and weaknesses 
(13:00) How the SISU dashboard helps refine an agent’s performance
(16:20) What key things team owners should do to differentiate themselves from the competition
(20:10) Why you should NEVER stop following up
(22:20) The one thing a real estate agent needs to learn to thrive and survive 
(23:03) What’s the precursor to success in business and in life
(27:33) The importance of using the best technology to help agents and clients 
(35:22 Why the language of business is in numbers and not opinions
(36:02) What Eric wishes he had known as he was building a team
(37:47) How does Eric gain his knowledge


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