GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset

Episode 054 with Michael Hellickson, CEO of Club Wealth

January 26, 2021

Michael Hellickson has been selling real estate since 1991. At the height of his sales career, he and his team ranked as the #1 team in the country.  Today, Michael is the CEO of Club Wealth®, an executive business consulting firm that offers coaching and training to business owners worldwide - and is the #1 coaching company in the team and brokerage space.

Michael believes that while most people relate success to monetary wealth, there is no success in the world that can compensate for failure in the home. There are options that can provide opportunities to make more money in less time.  In fact, despite spending just 12 days a month working in his business, he and his team still ranked first, nationwide.  Which is why he wants to share the top three things that agents need to focus on not only to double their income but spend less time working in the business as well.

In this episode, we talked about:

(04:59) What’s the #1 habit you need to implement and master at a high level?
(05:24) What’s so great about SISU?
(07:35) Why you need to diversify your lead flow
(08:35) Why do the number of leads from SOI and repeat referral keep dropping in recent years?
(09:41) How many lead sources should you have to make 6 to 7 figures net income?
(13:46) Why having a 100% referral-based business is a terrible idea
(16:03) Where to get cheaper leads that converts quickly
(17:05) What’s the one thing that real estate agents suck at worse than lead generation?
(21:46) When does following the lead of a drug dealer pay off?
(22:26) What script to use to get leads hooked on you
(23:35) How to get a copy of  Michael’s 31 best lead sources
(24:30) The single best thing to do to generate more referral-based business
(25:00) How not to get overwhelmed by multiple lead sources


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