GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset

Episode 041 with Aaron Novello, Realtor & Real Estate Coach at

October 6, 2020

Aaron Novallo started his career in Real Estate 14 years ago. He decided to take a deep dive into one slice of the business which is listing properties in high volume.  He has done this consistently for 8 years in a row. He has listed up to 140 properties by himself, one at a time, which makes him a certified rock-star listing agent.

Aaron recognizes that he owes this success to having the right skills and hard work.  Today,  he coaches around 70 agents to help them step up their game and create success in their own business.

Let’s join Aaron as he shares why he believes that money is a by-product of excellence and what advice he can give to anyone who is getting into the real estate business.

In this episode, we talked about:

(02:08) How does Aaron list 12 homes a month?

(12:10) The 2 things Real Estate agents sell

(15:25) How important is pre-qualification?

(24:00) The value of being early to all your appointments

(25:31) How to include “assumptive closings” in your conversations with a client

(30:18) Why confidence is everything

(31:56) How to build trust through repetition

(33:00) How often does Aaron role-play?

(34:20) Why you should always be “sharpening the knife”

(39:27) How Aaron got started with his coaching company

(43:20) What’s the one piece of advice Aaron has for a new agent getting into the Real Estate business.

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