GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset

Episode 012 with Michael Hellickson, Founder and President of Club Wealth Coaching and Consulting

January 28, 2020


Michael Hellickson has been a real estate agent for over 20 years, listing and selling over 100 homes/month, and carrying over 750 active and pending listings at one point. He began his real estate career in 1991 and has been among the top 1% of all agents nationally, before he even graduated high school! At the pinnacle of his sales career, Michael and his team were literally #1 Nationwide, out of over 1,000,000 real estate agents/teams! Today, Michael spends his time running Club Wealth and has built it up to become the #1 Coaching Company in the World in the Team space!

In this episode, Brian and Michael discuss how to become a top selling agent. From marketing to lead follow-up, it takes grit. Take the tips and advice that Michael has shared to one day become apart of the 1%!


In this episode we talk about...


  • 1:51 - Let's go back in time to Michael's high-school days.
  • 7:10 - "Coaching the highest number of transactions in volume"
  • 11:19 - As an agent, what can you do to prepare for a market shift.
  • 15:15 - WRITE THESE DOWN!
  • 26:55 - What's the percentage that a client will work with me if I am the 1st agent to get in front of them?
  • 30:49 - Let's switch gears and talk about brokerages and teams!
  • 42:30 - Michael Hellickson's one peice of advice.

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